Genuine and sincere GenuinとSincere









もう一度、Genuine and sincereをモットーに自分を修正して行きたい、と思って日々を過ごす今日この頃。


'Genuine' and Sincere'. The two key words that have been revived in me since i had some talks with a Japanese artist who lived in England, a little ago.

i realised those two words had been important for 'What sort of person i wanted to be' when i was studying in England, and felt quietly awoken.
Since i'd come to the Netherlands and spent some time i had forgotten how important they meant to me.
In Japanese 'Genuine' means something like 'Ture' and 'Sincere' means like 'Honest'. But i can't really traslate these words into Japanese. 

While i didn't notice i had become not so genuine and sincere, perhaps...

Once again, i would like to pick these words up as my motto and redirect myself. This is how i spend everyday nowadays.


(A picture of nowadays from Turku, Finland トゥルク(フィンランド)にて今日この頃の写真)