Language matters  言葉は重要






Recently, or in fact since a bit ago, I've had a bit of problem finding words both in English and Japanese, which I find almost threating.

Even in Japanese that is supposed to be my first language is not so fluent, not to mention my writing in Japanese, my English which I had learnt during my life in England for four and a half years is, of course, not natural at all as I am not a native speaker, and my Dutch is nearly nothing although I live in the Netherlands...

When your language is poor, I wonder, your ways to express emotions or feelings become limited and it diminishes the range of emotions and feelings.
This relates to the range of expressions in my work. That is a serious issue.

Anyhow, I must restore my vocabularies and expressions in Japanese and English (and learn Dutch at the same time as well?) otherwise it'll bring me many troubles in the near future.

SO, I'be written a new entry after such a long time.
It doesn't matter to whom I'm writing this or how well it's written or whatever, anyway I've got to write something.