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The pledge to having no battle 不戦の誓い














Yesterday, i helped 'Dialogue of my Dutch friends with Japanese' 


It was the second time i went to the meeting.

About 15 people came and there was a woman who survived the Japanese camp that i met in Dialogue the Netherlands-Japan-Indonesia before. 

That woman seemed tense for the whole time and her comments carried her angst which was alomst like her reflex towards 'Japan', and yet, she also seemed that she was looking for an answer to that.
Having seen her reactions, i had to think that the scar from a war would not disappear, and for some it takes their entire life to deal with them.


i've got an idea that it is in fact impossible to fully understand the war experiences as long as people don't experience the war itself.

However, and rather because of that, we have to listen carefully to the people with the experience of war to receive the core message at the bottom.

i do believe so.