How to write 書き方ひとつ


リンクにある友人のブログ(Beautiful Cloud)なんかを読むと大変読みやすい。









As i have read my blog until now, it really makes me think that it feels very stiff.
When i read my friend's blog via the link on this blog (it is written only in Japanese)

it's quite easy to read.

Or rather, fun to read.

Before talking about the subjects of what he writes, i suppose it's indeed the way he writes that makes people want to read it.
It's more spoken language and in comparison to this blog (there's nothing to compare though) his is more intuitively written. i think.

i don't need to just copy his way of writing, yet, i think it's maybe better to write this blog for people to have fun reading it. Or not?


Well, so, to whom am i writing my blog?