A day of the dialogue 対話の日








Yestarday, i have joined 'Dialogue of my Dutch friends with Japanese' given by Mr H.

It was a meeting with some Japanese that Mr H delivered the story of Mr W and his step mother (his mother died in Japanese camp in Jawa island during the pacific war) to tell us how these people overcame their harsh memories of war time, and by gving us the stories, it was to search a dialogie for building a peaceful future.

Due to my other appointment i couldn't stay for the discussion afterwards, yet, it was certainly a very meaningful time in my life.
Mr W dealt with his hatred towards the Japanese by going to Japan to meet them, and by meeting them he became able to embrace them and also the hatred which lived in deep in his memory. By doing so, he found a path to the peace in him and the world.  

i wonder if this 'human act' can be done by all of us, however, it is a necessary thing for us all.

Praying for peace will never stop.